Handmade shoes can be a true work of functional art. This means that a close collaboration between the customer and the craftsman is time well spent. This allows the three luxury elements of the bespoke formula to be effectively realized: full control over design aesthetics, ideal fit and comfort, and fully hand-made production.
For best results, we suggest dropping by our workshop at 6 Chmielna Street in Warsaw, so that our foreman Andrzej Dąbrowski can take measurements of both of your feet. These measurements are used to create a unique pair of wooden lasts for each customer.
The details of the order are then determined with the aid of the wide range of shoe designs on display in our store and a broad assortment of leather samples.
We ask that you set aside at least half an hour for placing an order.

Orders may also be placed online. We ask that you begin by describing the model and specifying the shape, type and color of leather, etc. The examples presented in our gallery may prove useful here; you can also send us clear pictures of other shoes.
For men’s shoes the standard heel height is around 2.5 cm.

The next step is to take your measurements. This is a simple task, provided you carefully follow the instructions provided below:
1. With a pencil held perpendicular to an A4 sheet of paper, trace around both feet.
Holding the pencil at a 45 degree angle, trace an arc between the heel and the big toe on the inner side of the foot to define the arch of the foot.
2. Using a tape measure, measure the circumference in the following locations:
- the following measurements are required for shoes: A - toes, B - metatarsus, C - instep, D - around the heel.
- for shoes that extend above the ankle we also require: the height from the ground and the circumference of the leg at that height.
- knee boots also require: the height from the ground measured from the outer side of the calf, circumference above the ankle, circumference of the calf, circumference of the top.

Measurements are best taken from a standing position in the afternoon or evening.
We recommend asking someone to assist you. Please send the measurements, along with your full name, telephone number, postal address and email address via standard mail, fax or email.

Please indicate whether the measurements were taken for thick socks or pants.
An order for a single pair of shoes will take between 4 to 6 weeks to fulfill.
We start work on orders received via correspondence once the amount due has been paid in full or a deposit of around 50% has been put down.

Courier delivery within the EU costs around EUR 40 / PLN 160.
Shoes are delivered in durable boxes with cotton bags and leather cream.
Please indicate your desired method of payment in your correspondence:
bank transfer, postal order or credit card.
We accept all major credit and debit cards.



Our account number for EUR:
PL08 2490 0005 0000 4600 6083 2280

Jan Kielman Pracownia Obuwia s.c.
ul.Chmielna 6
00-020 Warszawa

For PLN:
PL10 2490 0005 0000 4530 6099 0689

Jan Kielman Pracownia Obuwia s.c.
ul.Chmielna 6
00-020 Warszawa

We will reply to all questions about taking measurements and ordering shoes. Please e-mail us at jan@kielman.pl  or call us at +48 (22) 828-4630.