The uppers of the shoes we make are sewed using nothing but carefully selected natural leathers, making them very comfortable and durable, exceptionally attractive and highly weather resistant. The leather used in the linings is vegetable tanned and lacks a protective coating. This enables it to absorb moisture and ensures that it has a neutral effect on the human foot.
We procure all of our leathers from renowned European and American tanneries. We obtain exotic hides from legal sources, in accordance with the Washington Convention CITES of 1973, whose goal is to protect endangered animals and plants living in the wild.

The common characteristic of all hand-sewn shoes is that they have leather soles. One could argue that there is no such thing as an elegant shoe with soles made of anything but leather. Apart from its aesthetic value, this material boasts qualities that make it highly usable. The most important of these is air permeability. Around 30% of a shoe’s “breathing” is held to take place through its leather soles. Another feature affecting how comfortable a pair of shoes feels is moisture absorption. In the course of several hours of activity, the feet of an adult may produce nearly 100 milliliters of water. Only natural leather is capable of absorbing such a dose of moisture. Another advantage of leather soles is that they can be joined to the upper section of a shoe not by using the aggressive chemicals that glues are made of, but by sewing. This method enables us to create a product that is far more neutral for the body. Stitched leather soles can also be repaired much more frequently without negatively affecting the quality of a favorite pair of shoes.
The most appropriate type of leather for the soles of a pair of luxury shoes is calfskin middling, which is obtained from the thickest part of the dorsal section of a hide. A long-lasting vegetable tanning process leaves the skin taut, elastic and resistant to friction. In our workshop we use Italian middling leathers and German ones from the renowned Rendenbach tannery.